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You want to be fit, but traditional fitness has let you down. Don’t be ignored by your gym.

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  • Fitness built
    just for you

    Combining technology with individualized coaching to customize your workouts and guide you every step of the way.

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  • Burn fat, build strength, feel amazing

    Strength and cardio conditioning plus personalized nutrition to reshape your body from the inside out.

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  • Memberships tailored to you

    Whatever your goals, we have a coaching plan and a membership type that’s just right for you.


People just like you changing their lives

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"Really fun and exciting work out experience ( I never thought that I would say that about working out, usually it is not such a pleasant thing for me).  Fun work out keeps you engaged to help the hour fly by. My strength is really improving and I have lost a few pounds. "

Amy H.

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"I like Koko because it’s like having a personal trainer without having to deal with a personal trainer. I can go in whenever I want, work out as hard as I want, I’m usually out of there in about 45 mins feeling great, and I am actually seeing real results. "

Kevin R.

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"Going to Koko is absolutely the best part of my day! I have tried lots of gyms in the past, various workout apps on my phone, and just good old fashioned running programs to get in shape. None of these activities have ever given me anything close to the results I’m getting at Koko. The technology-based system at Koko makes working out a breeze and is superbly effective (and really fun). They have a variety of programs to choose from based on what your goals are. The programs are incredibly well thought-out so that you don’t have to think at all when you go in for your work-out! You plug your own personal USB key into the machine and (voila) it tells you everything you need to do. "

Rebecca W.

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39 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA 02445

Monday 9AM - 1PM and - 3PM - 8PM

Tuesday 9AM - 1PM and - 3PM - 8 PM

Wednesday 9AM - 1PM and - 3PM - 8PM

Thursday 9AM - 1PM and - 3PM - 8PM

Friday 9AM - 1PM and - 3PM - 6PM

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21 Day Transformation
39 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA 02445